Describe what the 'fourth dimension' of Time, is or might be.

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wordprof eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The human mind builds “structures” to make sense of the information coming in though the senses.  One of these is the idea of dimensions, space locators to describe or otherwise deal with the physicality of the world.  For example, an apartment is on 34th Street (one dimension) and 5th Avenue (a second dimension) on the 6th floor (third dimension).  Now, if an airplane flies in that same space in 1960, why does it not crash?  Because the building wasn’t built  until 2002 (the fourth dimension).  In other words, the measurement of time (past, present, future) is the fourth dimension, the fourth way to establish a physical presence.  Is Time a real thing?  The question has no merit unless you are “placing” a physical event in it.