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The Western Front describes an area of fighting in Europe in World War I. The Western Front runs from the North Sea to the border with Switzerland and Germany.

The Germans had a plan for World War I. They wanted to defeat the French in the Western Front and then fight the Soviet Union in the Eastern Front. The plan, called the Schlieffen Plan, called for a six-day invasion through Belgium and then a strike into Paris that would knock France out of the war. This would allow Germany to fight only on one front instead fighting a two front war. Germany was unsuccessful in accomplishing the goals of this plan in part because of the resistance of the Belgians. It took Germany 18 days to go through Belgium. This allowed France to reposition its army and defend Paris. As a result, the war bogged down for several years and Germany had a two front war to fight.

The Western Front was about 600-800 miles long. Both sides dug a series of trenches. This was known as trench warfare. It was an incredibly deadly form of fighting. Some battles had over one million casualties. The Western Front was not for the faint of heart. It was a very deadly area.

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