Describe three different and distinct ways in which culture has influenced your world.

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I grew up in the suburbs, and I had a typical suburban life. However, when I was in my 20s, I moved into the city. The culture of the city certainly changed my life. At first, I was shocked by the differences. In time, the city changed me. 

First, urban life was much more brisk and time conscious. Growing up in the suburbs, people took their time and no one cared. Being late, doing things slowly, and just enjoying the moment was typical. However, moving to New York, everything was different. People had no time to meet up. People had to pencil me into their schedules. In time, I became the same way. I changed. 

Second, living in the city, I realized that there were so many talented people. Everyone around me was incredibly accomplished. This changed me as well. It made me work harder and want to succeed more. 

Finally, since the city was very international, I also became more international in my outlook. I've tried countless ethnic cuisines, travelled abroad many times, and most importantly made friends from very different backgrounds. The international culture of the city made me more global in my outlook.

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