Describe the way of getting sodium metal from concencrated NaCl solution?

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ncchemist eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Sodium is a part of the group one metals on the periodic table called the alkali metals.  In its elemental form, sodium is a soft metal that is incredibly reactive with water.  As a result, sodium is never found in nature in its neutral metal form.  It forms the sodium cation so easily that it is always found as various salts.  The current process for producing sodium metal involves the electrolysis of sodium chloride (NaCl).  Sodium chloride is a common sodium salt.  It has a very high melting point, but if you heat it hot enough it will melt into a molten liquid.  This liquid can then be introduced to an electric current.  This will reduce the sodium cation by adding an electron to make the neutral sodium metal.  It will also oxidize the chloride anion to make chlorine gas.  But the gas will escape from the reaction, thus leaving the sodium metal for use.

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