Describe the village as presented in the movie. How is it similar to or different from what you imagined?

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The village is presented as a typical early colonial town.  Lots of wood sided buildings.  Dirt streets, of course.  The church is a central part of the town layout, which is how it would have been back then.  There are some oddities that I'm not sure are accurate to the time period, like the hinged window on the second story that the girl tries to "fly" out of.  I have been to Salem, Massachusetts, so the proximity to the Atlantic ocean as presented in the movie is spot on compared to my expectations.  The movie portrayed the town itself as smaller than I expected it to be, but that doesn't mean it is historically accurate or inaccurate.  It's a movie based on a play that is taking some historical liberties to begin with.  The town is also quite clean in the movie.  Despite all of the dirt, rain, and mud that is/should be around, there is not much grime on/in the town itself or on the people of the town.  

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