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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many different forms of diversity. In light of this, let me offer a few examples. 

First, there is gender diversity. For an organization or company to have diversity, we need men and women. By this we will also have some biological differences.

Second, there is racial diversity. This means that people from different backgrounds and cultures will be present. A good example of this would be something like the United Nations. 

Third, another important type of diversity is economic diversity. This is an important point, because it is possible to have people from different background of a similar social economic background. If this is the case, there would be little true diversity. There is something about finances that gives a person a different worldview. This creates diversity of opinions. 

If we take another step, we can also speak of diversity in terms of age. Having young and old together also creates differences of views.