Describe the various features in a eco-system that save energy.around 40-50 words

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Green houses have become a worldwide fashion and not because they are showy, but because they save energy. The first designer and architect who talked about ecological houses was Professor Philip S. Wens, who two centuries ago thought to create human habitats  to be integrated into natural ecosystems.Wens teacher even taught a course at the University of Berkeley, explaining how an ecological house is a kind of ecosystem.

In Wens' opinion ,an ecological house could be a producer  useful in a larger system to which it belongs. In addition to special materials, an ecological house must have a certain orientation to the sun and not a very deep foundation field. Ideally, an ecological house should imitate a natural ecosystem in which all components to be in connection.

Features which can save energy

Manufacturers say that a good thermal insulation significantly reduce heating costs in winter or air conditioning in summer. A typical configuration for external walls of a green house is composed of: panels of gypsum, the barrier (or semi-permeable membrane), vapor, bearing wooden structure, made up of Cases with size 150x50 mm, positioned perpendicular to the direction of the wall and forming spaces 410 mm or 610 mm.

Green houses are phonic insulating.

Experts say that a wooden house is insulating medium. When the area is sound highly polluted location , manufacturers may add additional material walls, the role isolation, or adopt specific constructive solutions, in which is made the acoustic separation of the two wall surfaces.

 Green homes save energy

Green houses allow economic energy saving  with an efficient thermal insulation system: 0,29-0,10 W / mpk. Such passive houses can be built - without energy consumption and houses with very low heat consumption . Under this system, the heating costs in winter and cooling in summer, are reduced by 50-85%. Power is saved with the helpof  the isolation of heating and running water. Polystyrene tubes can be buried in the interior walls or placed in special channels of the system.

Types of ecological houses

House made from panels.

 It is the most financially advantageous. It adapts to most landscapes. This type of house walls are made from a skeleton, consisting of wooden elements spaced at 60 cm, between them  being placed  insulating materials.

House of roundwood.

There are two types of wood from which  is built this type of house. One is from calibrated round wood, where logs are  processed in the same size and other from non-calibrated roundwood, when logs are by approximate dimensions. 

Experts say that, because of round wood and round wooden cuts used,  houses are resistant to any attempt. In addition, round logs do not require insulation. 


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