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Describe variables related to the vulnerability for homeless people in America. Homelessness in America, Vulnerable Populations,

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Many variables exist which make people vulnerable for homelessness. One variable is whether the job or jobs held pay a living wage to afford to pay either rent or a mortgage.  If the job is not stable or one person in a two income household loses a job, the remaining income may not be sufficient to cover the expenses associated with being in a home.  Another variable which creates homelessness is the crisis which strikes with a major illness. Whether children or a parent are ill, parents have to devise some system of support which can help them survive and yet pay the bills. With the costs associated with a disease like cancer or a chronic disease like diabetes, budgets are broken and draconian choices between food or medicine must be made.  Much too easily, this effort can sabotage any family on the edge into homelessness. Unfortunately, a third variable is the lack of easily available resources for the mentally ill or those in a crisis. Veterans can fit this category with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which can be devastating. Without that help, their illness can accelerate into being kicked out of the house to live on the street as best they can, or they choose to live on the street to avoid being committed to a hospital or even incarcerated in a jail.  Lastly, another variable for homelessness is the troubled youth who leave home to live on the "mean streets" where mercy doesn't exist.  Sometimes the youth leave of their own volition to escape an abusive home while others are forced to leave by the adults who want them gone.  

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