Describe the unique features of Egyptian art and literature.

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The first answer is very comprehensive.

I would add that the Egyptian design style for wall paintings and paintings on papyrus illustrates their fear of the unknown. Every space is filled and the surface is layered with "registers" or lines upon which the images are standing, sitting or carefully arranged. This approach has been analyzed to mean that their culture feared unknown spaces, unknown endings, and they had ways to handle this fear for the citizens.

The Egyptian literature is very entwined with the art work since much of both depend upon the symbols and the hieroglyphics used. Few Egyptians could use or read the hieroglyphics so the symbols were very important to convey meaning.

The materials used and the colors applied were also full of meaning for these art forms. Gold, lapis lazuli, and gems were to imply wealth and importance while the different colors used for the skin indicated gender.


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Ancient Egyptian art dates back five thousand years ago. This art was created by the Egyptians to show the history and story of the ancient Egyptians. Some of the most common elements in this art are the depiction of gods and pharaohs. One of the strategies the Egyptians used in their art was to increase the figure size based on how important the diety was. Gods which were more important than other gods and goddess were shown larger. Along with art portraying the pharaohs as larger than all the other elements in the piece. Religion was a key role in the creation of Egyptian art. Much of the pieces out there were inspired by a god or goddess. Pharaohs were also considered to be god like or divine so they were common in Egyptian artwork.

There are many different forms used in Egyptian art. Papyrus was a popular one that was used. Papyrus is also one of the earliest forms of paper used by the Egyptians.

Almost all aspects of the Egyptian society can be found written on papyrus texts.

Pottery was another form used in Egyptian art. Many burial chambers have housed numerous pieces of pottery for the afterlife.

Sculpture was another art form practiced in ancient Egypt. Many art pieces from this time have hieroglyphics included on them. Hieroglyphic writing is considered an art form on its own.

Paintings, literature, and funerary art were also popular forms of ancient Egyptian art.

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