Please describe the types of activities Andrew Marvell would undertake if he had "world enough and time" in the poem "To His Coy Mistress."

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The poem's speaker addresses the passion and urgency that he feels about his love, trying to persuade her to put off her coyness for the sensation of passion. In the first stanza, the speaker talks about what he would do to win her love, if they "had...but world enough, and time." These activites include a long walks, finding precious stones, writing love songs, and tireless gazing on his love's beauty. In short, if he had enough time, he would spend decades and centuries courting her with all the traditional symbols of courtship. However, in stanza 2 he comes back to reality and urgency. He does not have decades or centuries to win her love and shower her with affection -- no, he is not even guaranteed another day. They must embrace their passion and love in this moment, not sure when another will come (if ever). So the speaker pleads with his love to come to him in this instance, so they can fully enjoy their love while they have strength to do so.