How can you can incorporate coaching as a training and development technique in one's role as the manager of a student-health center?  

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The answer to this will depend to some degree on the size of the student health center that you are running.  However, the basic idea will remain the same.  As the manager, you will need to create a system that allows you to coach the people that you supervise directly as they learn their jobs.

If you are running a small center, you may be directly responsible for all of the health care providers.  If, by contrast, you run a large center, you may only be training and supervising those who are in charge of specific aspects of the center.  This will change the way in which you need to coach them.

Regardless of whom you are teaching and developing, you can incorporate coaching into the training process.  You can encourage your subordinates to set goals for what they need to do better in their jobs.  You can help them to create action plans that will serve as their roadmaps for achieving this improved performance.  You can work with them to periodically evaluate how they are doing on reaching those goals.  In short, you can set up programs by which you will remain closely involved with them rather than simply evaluating them on the basis of the results that they achieve.

• Facilitating learning — creating awareness, designing actions, planning and goal-setting, managing progress and accountability. (

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Coaching can be a valuable training and development technique if you incorporate it into your organization's philosophy.  It needs to be an ongoing relationship in order to be fully beneficial.  This means solid coaches who have been fully trained in coaching and are also experts in their field.  Coaches should be paired with new or novice workers for a period of at least a few years.  The best coaches are people who have had good coaches and have thus had the relationship modeled.