Describe an element of the tourism system.

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A tourism system must take into account departing travelers, traveler generating locales, transit routes, tourist destinations, and returning travelers. Tourist destinations have some relevant divisions that go beyond recreational sight seeing.

Sustainable tourism destinations incorporate elements that manage all resources of travel and tourism in such a way that conventional economic, social and aesthetic needs are fulfilled for the tourist while simultaneously maintaining unhindered ecological processes, biodiversity and ecosystem life support systems. In other words, for example, the rain forest isn't torn down to accommodate visitors to the rain forest.

Ecotourism, or ecological tourism, is similar but operated on a much smaller and more delicate scale. Ecotourism involves visitors to fragile, pristine, ecologically protected areas that require low impact invasions, such as the Galapagos Islands.

Controversial ecotourism has won acceptance because it helps generate funds for costly conservation and scientific study projects. Endangered ecosystems can't be protected, maintained or restored without adequate knowledge of the ecosystem. Ecotourism also is an educational service as well as a service that provides resources for sustainable development for indigenous communities.

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