Describe some examples of how human behavior changes based on social situations.

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There are many examples of how human beings change their behavior based on the social situation.  We typically try to behave in ways that will be appropriate to the situation we are in at a given time.

One clear example of this is in the way that we dress.  Dress is clearly a part of human behavior.  Obviously, we dress very differently in different social situations.  As a teacher, I would be very unlikely to wear shorts and a t-shirt to school.  This would be inappropriate because in that social situation I am supposed to convey seriousness and professionalism.  By contrast, when I go to a casual party, I will not dress up, even if some of my students are likely to be there.

We also alter things like our speech patterns, depending on the social situation.  When I am with friends, I have a tendency to use bad language.  Since we are all of about the same age and because we are in casual situations, this is not inappropriate in most people’s eyes.  However, I would never use such language around my parents or my children.  In fact, I would be very unlikely to use such language around anyone who is either much older or much younger than me.  It would be disrespectful to the older people and a bad example to the young.

In these ways and many others, we change our behaviors to fit the social situation.

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