Describe the traits of one of the main characters from The View from Saturday.

Expert Answers
accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Nadia Diamondstein is a red-headed girl of immense beauty but also of incredible intelligence. Not only is she described as possessing the kind of looks that would have made her a model for Raphael, but she is introduced to turtles through her grandfather, and this gives her a keen understanding of the natural world and her place in it. Yet in addition to her intelligence and looks, she possesses a sensitivity to her own situation and that of her father. Note the comparison that she draws between the stranded turtles that need rescuing and the struggles she is having with her father:

The storm in our private lives had picked him up and put him out of place. Me, too. I, too, had been picked up from one place and set down in another. I, too, had been stranded. We both needed help resettling.

Nadia then is distinguished from her peers because she possesses a degree of sensitivity that is unusual in one so young and she is able to reflect both on her own situation and that of those around her.