Hunger of Memory Questions and Answers
by Richard Rodriguez

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How might one describe the tone of paragraph 5 of the chapter titled "Aria" from Richard Rodriguez's book Hunger of Memory? In this chapter, Rodriguez first raises the issue of bilingual education.

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The tone of the fifth paragraph of the “Aria” chapter of Richard Rodriguez’s book Hunger of Memory is intriguing. In this paragraph, Rodriguez first raises explicitly the issue of bilingual education.

The paragraph begins, for instance, with the following sentence:

Many years later there is something called bilingual education – a scheme proposed in the late 1960s by Hispanic-American social activists, later endorsed by a congressional vote.

The tone of this sentence might be described either as merely neutral or as slightly negative. The word “scheme,” for instance, can mean (especially in British English) simply a proposal.  In American English, however, it often suggests a trick. At this point, it is difficult to know exactly what tone Rodriguez is employing. The tone of his later reference to “Hispanic-American activists” is similarly difficult to interpret. The word “activists” might sound negative to some people, although it might seem simply objective to others....

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