Describe three ways that America's involvement in WWII helped people at home?

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besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Employment was the main way that World War II helped people here at home. There no longer was an unemployment problem in the United States. Previously, because of the Great Depression, the United States had a very low unemployment rate. Many people were not employed and could not even put food on the table. Life was very hard.

When WWII began, a great deal of men were sent overseas to fight in the war. This opened up jobs for everyone still here, including women. Women generally did not work during this time period but the war changed all of this. They had a new role and that was going to work everyday and earning a paycheck. Women earned a lot of respect because of this.



pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Here are a few ways that America's involvement in World War II helped people at home:

  1. It ended the Great Depression.  The Great Depression had really devastated the American economy and it was really a good thing for the US to be pulled out of that terrible. time.
  2. It brought the GI Bill into existence.  The GI Bill helped a lot of people go to college and buy their own houses.  This was a major benefit to the economy after the war.
  3. It created new technologies like, for example, large airplanes and radar.  These would eventually help Americans be able to travel by air.
krishna-agrawala | Student

If we speak of the the benefits of World War to people at home (in USA), the only benefit was the end of the great depression. The employment as well as industrial production boomed because as a result of production of war material. This included the material used directly in war effort of U.S.A, as well as the material supplied to Allied power countries for cash and under lend-lease system.

In addition there was great improvement in methods of production and management of industries. For example as a result of such improvements introduced in response to war efforts, the time taken to build an aircraft carrier dropped from 36 months in 1941 to 15 month in 1945. The completer field of operations research (OR), also called management science, developed, as a consequence of the efforts made to improve effectiveness of the war.

A major social impact of the war was to induct women in many jobs that were earlier considered to be fit only for men. This contributed a great deal in bringing women in the main stream activities of the society outside the domestic sphere.

There were also many new technologies developed during the war which not only helped greatly during the war, but continue to benefit humanity after the war also. Great advances were made in design of aircrafts including jet aircrafts used in war.The war also stimulated invention of radar.

Petroleum industry developed many new specialized products and new processes during the war. Refining processes such as catalytic cracking and alkylation vastly improved the output of high octane aviation fuel.

The utility of development of Atom bomb during World War II is a highly debatable subject. But its contribution to development of nuclear plants is beyond any doubt.