Describe three of Walter's four daydreams. Who is he in each? What is he doing?

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Walter Mitty starts the story as a Commander of a Navy hydroplane. In this daydream he is pushing through a hurricane showing his courage and bravery.

Later he is a doctor who saves the life of a millionaire banker "Wellington McMillan".

Then he dreams of being a defendant on the witness stand. He is an expert marksman and "a crack shot with any sort of firearm".

In all of these daydreams is an important individual displaying the characteristics that he lacks in his real life.

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While driving away from the hair salon parking lot, Walter imagines he is a skilled doctor who is about to perform surgery on an important banker.

Later, when he is leaving a shoe store, he gets caught up in another daydream where he is a defendent on the witness stand of a courtroom. He is charming and confident as he tells the court he is a talentend gunman, and he punches a lawyer for smacking a woman.

Finally, he is sitting in a hotel lobby when he suddenly becomes a bomber pilot about to embark on a dangerous mission. He is positive about what he is about to do, despite the fact that he knows he could die.

For a few more details about his daydreams, or for some more information onĀ The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, check out the eNotes study guide linked below!


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