Describe the three step writing process as it applies to business messages and explain the importance of the process.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many approaches with different terminology in composing business letters.   For simplicity's purpose, the three components I feel are important in a business letter are the heading (including date and title), body (purpose in writing), and closing.  The heading is important because it identifies the date, to whom it is addressed, and includes your address.  It also includes the greeting or salutation to the person to whom you are writing.  The body of the letter contains its purpose.  This is where the main point is identified and a brief justification behind it.  It is also essential to note that in a business letter, this should not be too lengthy, but rather politely direct.  The final component is the closing where you include contact information, concluding note, as well as signature.  If you need to include any enclosures, it should be noted here, as well.

kellibarnes91 | Student

If using planning writing and completing as the 3 major steps in the writing process, choose one step, explain the actions to create a more effective message.