How might the three stages of a rite of passage be witnessed in a marriage ceremony?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I assume that you are asking only about the actual wedding ceremony here, not the things (engagement, bachelor party, honeymoon, etc) that go on before and after the wedding.  

In the traditional Christian ceremony, we can see the three stages of a rite of passage.  First, we see the bride brought up the aisle by her father, who will "give her away."  Both bride and groom wear special clothing that is just for this occasion.  These fit in with the "separation" stage of the ritual in which the participants must be taken out of their old lives.  Next, we have the stage of transition.  The minister performs the wedding ceremony.  He or she gives the couple some instruction (in the form of a sermon and in the words of the ceremony) on what is expected of them as married people.  Finally, the couple goes through the stage of "integration."  The minister pronounces them "man and wife."  The two of them are invited to kiss.  The congregation is introduced to the new couple  These sorts of things symbolize the fact that the couple is being readmitted into society in a new status.

In these ways, all three stages of a rite of passage can be seen in a Christian marriage ceremony.

catherinemichel | Student

 The wedding ceremony in mosques speak up, we will prepare all kinds of sugar food neatly down on the table and to attend a ceremony of YiXie county leadership, relatives, and township guy nearly 40 people. Ceremony in under the chairmanship of the MaChuanLong imam, first he praised Allah contributed to this a good marriage, then respectively for the bride and groom opinions are willing to make couples.

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