Describe three properties of cathode rays?

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The important properties of cathode rays are as follows:

1) They are composed of streams of negatively charged electrons.

2) They are invisible but can ionize the medium they travel through and also produce fluorescence on certain substances.

3) Cathode rays are deflected by electric and magnetic fields. The direction of deflection reveals that they are negatively charged.

4) These rays can penetrate thin sheets of metals and a few cms of air.

5) They usually travel with a low speed, about 1/10 th of the speed of light.

6) Of course, they travel in straight lines.

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Cathode rays have the following properties:

1.) The rays travel in straight lines.

We know this because the rays cast shadows of objects placed in their way. 

2. The rays are composed of matter particles, which have energy.

3.Cathode rays are composed of negatively charged particles.  We know this because when the rays are exposed to an electrical field, they deflect to the positive plate.  



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