Politics and Corruption in the Gilded Age

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How did progressives try to solve problems brought about by changes in America during the Gilded Age?

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During the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, Progressives in America attempted to solve a number of societal problems that the saw. Different Progressives went about addressing the problems they saw in a number of ways.

Some felt that the best way to fix society was to bring to light hidden social problems. Progressive journalists, often dubbed muckrakers, investigated and wrote about dangerous workplace conditions, unsanitary urban living conditions, and corrupt politicians. Along with other writers and photographers, they shone a light on issues that were otherwise too easy to ignore. When successful, this type of work led to public outcry which pressured politicians and law enforcement to find a solution.

Progressive politicians attempted to pass laws to end the exploitive practices of big businesses and monopolies. They wanted to protect American consumers and workers by reforming a legal code that overlooked their needs.

Progressive laborers formed unions so that they could...

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