Describe the three primary psychographic population segments. 

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At a very basic level, the three primary psychographic segments for marketing include lifestyles, social class and personality. Beyond these very broad terms, pyschographic segments may be narrowed and divided even further. 

Lifestyle is a generally broad term relating to how someone or a group of people live.  Included in this group may be college graduates, high school graduates, employed, retired. The lifestyle classification refers to the consumers point in life. 

Social class is identified by consumers ability to purchase goods or services or buying power. The three general social classes in the United States are lower class, middle class, and upper class. These class levels directly correlate to each class' income level and subsequent purchasing power. 

Personality refers to the individual's particular preference of goods and services. Personality may be tied to lifestyle and social class. However, that is not necessarily the case. Someone in a lower social class may have a brand personality of purchasing expensive jewelry, for example, or may purchase health care services that are not covered by insurance. 

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