Describe three key moments in Morrie's childhood. How did each help define his outlook later in life in Tuesdays with Morrie?

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A key moment refers to a specific time in Morrie's childhood that had an affect on him and influenced his behavior as an adult. In addition to the aforementioned moments already stated, I would focus on these three key moments:

1) The day when Morrie's younger brother contracted polio. Morrie remembers a night when it was raining and they played in it instead of going home. Soon after, his brother contracted polio and was paralyzed. Although the rain was not the cause of his illness, Morrie was too young to know that and blamed himself for making a bad decision that hurt his brother. He carried the guilt and the burden of taking care of his poor family and his disabled brother for the rest of his life. How do you think that affected his relationships with people as an adult? Do you think he is responsible? Do you think he is a caregiver?

2) The day his father showed him the horrible working conditions in the fur factory where he worked. Morrie's father was an unskilled immigrant who had to...

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