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Describe this pond's population, community, and ecosystem. In a pond there are trout,insects,trees,birds,beavers,deer,and microorganisms. The surrounding trees are a temperate deciduous forest biome, with moderate rainfall and cold winters. Beavers cut down and eat willows for food. and they live in the pond,upriver,and downriver. There are at least three  beavers in the pond we're studying. and likely 100 more on the river up-and downstream. trout feed on dragonfly larvae, deer eat plants and trees, so forth.

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A population is a group of individuals of the same species that occupy the same area.

A community is all of the populations of organisms that occupy the same area.

An ecosystem is all of the living organisms and the nonliving factors in the same area.

The area in the question is the "pond".  So there are seven populations in the pond. 1.  trout 2. insects 2. trees 4. birds 5. beavers 6. deer 7.  microorganisms

There is one community and it includes: trout, insects, trees, birds, beavers, deer and microorganisms. 

The ecosystem is a temperate deciduous forest with cold winters and moderate rainfall.  The living organisms in the ecosystem include trout, insects, trees, birds, beavers, deer, and microorganisms. 

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