Describe the setting of Mockingjay; In what time period is it set? Is the setting realistic, fantasy, or historical fiction?

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Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins is set in the future; the setting is realistic, although dystopian.  Set in the far distant remains of what is left of the United States and North America after many brutal wars, the novel centers around the machinations of a country known as Panem, which is comprised of twelve surrounding districts and a central Capitol.  The districts are referred to by number and are best known for the goods they produce; in that way, the reader may make inferences as to where in the present day United States the districts might be located. For example, District Twelve with its production of coal may be located around West Virginia, and the Capitol which is described as being in the center of Panem and a rocky, mountainous region might be Colorado. 

Collins is never clear about how far into the actual future Mockingjay is; the setting is futuristic enough to support Collins' use of technology (hovercrafts, muttations), but not so far into the future that the readers cannot identify with the characters.