Describe the theme of manipulation in Medea. Medea is a clever and cunning character; what does manipulation say about the society of women?

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I think that the subtext of the question is fascinating.  Certainly, Medea is fairly manipulative and self- serving in how she assists Jason to escape from his challenging predicaments, even killing her own brother. Yet, I think that Jason is equally driven by self- interest himself.  His desire to marry Creon's daughter is not done to restore some sense of global justice nor out of altruistic means.  He does so to further his own self- interest, in the same manner that he was able to use Medea to feed his own self- interests in his time of danger.  The fact that he lies to Medea when confronted about his interest in Creusa reflects that he has little problem in exercising the powers of manipulation for his own benefit.  In trying to extricate himself from Medea, Jason is quite adroit in manipulating the situation to a "blame the victim" scenario, where he manipulates the situation to make Creon's banishment of Medea her own fault and then engages in revisionist history in...

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