Describe the theme of invincibility in The Hunger Games.

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The main characters, Katniss and Peeta, prove their invincibility by outwitting the makers of the Hunger Games to both survive. During the games, it is announced that two winners will be allowed this year. Katniss and Peeta, both from the same district, join forces to defeat the other players. When they accomplish this goal, however, the rules are suddenly changed and an announcement is made that only person is permitted to survive. Peeta begs Katniss to kill him, but she hatches a different plan. She takes poisonous berries from her pouch. She hands some to Peeta while they kiss and prepare to consume them. Katniss is betting the Gamemakers will not allow both to die because it will show they failed because no one survived. Her speculation is correct, and both she and Peeta are declared winners.

Despite the appearance, the two are not purely invincible. Certainly they could have succumbed to the fireballs, dogs, and other mortal threats delivered by the Gamemakers. However, their survival instincts, friendship, intelligence, and collaboration blend to create an illusion of invincibility.

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