Describe the way in which Jackson obtains money from his friend Junior in "What You Pawn I Will Redeem." What are your thoughts about that?

Jackson obtains money from his friend Junior by taking off Junior's shoes and socks and stealing the small amount that he has hidden there. Jackson probably does this because he feels that his quest to regain his grandmother's regalia is important.

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In the short story "What You Pawn I Will Redeem" by Sherman Alexie, a Native American named Jackson, while walking with his friends Rose of Sharon and Junior, passes a pawnshop and sees his grandmother's lost regalia, which is a type of ceremonial dancing costume. The pawnshop owner tells Junior that he has twenty-four hours to raise $999 to redeem the regalia.

Jackson then undertakes a quest in search of the money. He meets numerous people who help him, but he always spends the money and ends up with no more than what he started with. The problem is that he is homeless and an alcoholic. He also has a generous spirit and likes to help out others when he sees them in need.

When Jackson, Rose of Sharon, and Junior enter the pawnshop, they already have five dollars from panhandling. The pawnshop owner gives them $20 more to help them get started. The three of them take the $25 to a shop and buy three bottles of liquor. Jackson passes out, and when he wakes up, Rose of Sharon has left and Junior is still passed out. Jackson walks back and forth to the passed-out Junior, in the meantime trying to borrow money from some Aleut Indians and sell some newspapers. Junior remains passed out, and Jackson eventually pulls off Junior's shoes and socks and inside them finds $1.50. He takes this money to go buy lottery tickets.

The amount of $1.50 is not much, but it's all Junior has. By the way that it is hidden in his socks, we assume that it is his emergency money. The way that Jackson nonchalantly takes Junior's money suggests a few things. First of all, Jackson considers his quest to regain his grandmother's regalia more important than Junior saving this small amount of money. Additionally, poverty, homelessness, and alcoholism have made Jackson unstable, so that he does not always make rational decisions. It is also possible that Jackson and Junior are so familiar with each other that they will not mind if they "borrow" from each other in this way.

The second half of your question asks you to give your own thoughts on the matter. Presumably, you are free to offer whatever your impressions are of Jackson's behavior.

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