Describe the setting of "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson using specific details from the story.

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The setting of "The Lottery" is a small farming village in New England in which about three hundred people live. The town has been in existence for several hundred years.

As the story open, it is the mid-twentieth century. It is a beautiful day, June 27th, at around 10 o'clock in the morning, and the townspeople are gathering on the green, children, men, and housewives. Flowers are in bloom, and the grass is very rich and healthy.

The square where the townspeople gather is situated between the post office and the bank. The children have been let out school to attend the lottery. The boys have made a big pile of stones in one corner of the square.

The men and women stand talking in small groups. The women wear sweaters and house dresses. Everything seems completely carefree and ordinary.

Finally, the setting for the lottery is completed as Mr. Summers and Mr. Graves walk to the center of the square, where they set up a stool and put the splintering black lottery box on it. The box has been getting more and more run down, but nobody wants to repair it.

The beautiful, sunny, small town setting is in jarring contrast to the barbaric ritual the villagers are about to enact.

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