Heart of Darkness Questions and Answers
by Joseph Conrad

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Describe the setting, characters, and major plot elements of Heart of Darkness, including central conflicts and obstacles.

The main setting of Heart of Darkness is the Congo, where English seaman Charles Marlow witnesses the horrors of imperialism and encounters the enigmatic officer Kurtz. The central conflict of the story is Marlow's struggle to come to terms with the ways in which Africans are treated by the Europeans and to reconcile this with the supposed morality and enlightenment of Western civilization.

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Heart of Darkness, written by Polish-British author Joseph Conrad, is set in Africa—to be specific, in the Congo Free State, which is under the control of European imperialist forces in the novel. It is in Congo that Charles Marlow, an English seaman, is forced to wait before journeying onwards.

The novel has two major characters: Charles Marlow and Kurtz . Marlow is the narrator of the novel, and the story starts with him aboard a ship on the River Thames, relating to his fellow seamen the harrowing things he witnessed in the Congo....

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