Describe the relationship between Anne and her mother in The Diary of a Young Girl.

The relationship between Anne and her mother in The Diary of a Young Girl is difficult. Anne feels that Edith favors Margot, Anne's sister, over her and does not understand her. Living in such close quarters in the secret annex contributes to their strained relationship.

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The relationship between Anne and her mother, Edith, is, for the most part, quite difficult. It's often the case that teenage girls will have difficult relationships with their mothers, but the added stresses and strains of life in the secret annex make things that little bit more fraught for Anne and her mother.

Much of the tension seems to emanate from Edith's perceived partiality toward Anne's sister, Margot. Margot can do no wrong in Edith's eyes; she's very much the apple of her eye. Yet whatever Anne says or does never seems good enough for Edith, who's almost always on her case about something or other. No wonder that Anne loudly laments her mother's lack of understanding toward her.

Because of the breakdown in relations between mother and daughter, Anne has to mature pretty quickly. She effectively has to mother herself, as Edith seems unwilling and unable to fulfill her maternal duties toward her daughter. Yet at the same time, Edith seeks to exert control over Anne at every...

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