Describe the narrator in "Everyday Use" by Alice Walker.

The narrator in "Everyday Use" by Alice Walker is Mrs. Johnson. Mrs. Johnson is depicted as a genuine, practical woman, who is a loving mother and cherishes her family's heritage. Although Mrs. Johnson is not formally educated, she is intuitive and recognizes the value of living history. She is also a sympathetic woman and defends her timid daughter by refusing to give Dee the handmade quilts. Mrs. Johnson is also resolute, understanding, and fair.

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Mrs. Johnson narrates the short story "Everyday Use " and is depicted as a sincere, genuine woman, who loves her children deeply and understands the importance of her family's complex heritage. Mrs. Johnson begins the story by daydreaming about being on a television show and reuniting with her oldest daughter Dee. After imagining the pleasant daydream, Mrs. Johnson offers the reader a brief, accurate description of herself as a rough, hard-working woman, who is not formally educated but can provide for her family. Mrs. Johnson's accurate description illustrates her rational, sensible personality. Mrs. Johnson goes on to display her perceptive nature by describing her daughters in detail. She sympathizes with Maggie because she is timid and has scars from being burned in a house fire. Dee is the complete opposite and is depicted as an attractive, confident woman, who is educated and arrogant. Mrs. Johnson once again demonstrates her authentic personality by admitting that she is not as...

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