Describe the major and minor characters of the story.

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There are only three characters in the story—two of them major, the other minor. The minor character is the detective who arrests Silky Bob after he gets the signal from the beat cop Jimmy Wells. He only has a couple of lines in the story, but his role is relatively important all the same, because he's responsible for putting Silky Bob in handcuffs and whisking him off to the police station.

The two major characters are, of course, Silky Bob and Jimmy Wells: old friends from way back whose lives have taken radically different paths since they last met twenty years ago. After their last meeting, Silky Bob headed out West, where he made a lot of money as a successful criminal. Jimmy Wells, however, chose to stay behind in New York, where he joined the police force.

It's interesting that when Bob meets up with Jimmy, he doesn't recognize him. But Jimmy knows who Bob is, which is why he's able to put the finger on him for his detective colleague waiting just around the corner to arrest this notorious criminal. The irony here is that Jimmy has kept his appointment to meet up with Silky Bob in front of the hardware store after twenty years—just not in the way that either he or Bob would've intended.

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