The Lake Isle of Innisfree Questions and Answers
by William Butler Yeats

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Describe the Lake Isle of Innisfree in your own words.

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Even if the reader doesn't know that the Lake Isle of Innisfree is an uninhabited island that lies within a large lake in County Sligo, Ireland, he or she can easily imagine what it is like from the descriptions William Butler Yeats gives in the poem. The island is a peaceful place full of lovely sights and relaxing sounds.

In the morning, the island is shrouded in mist, as the moisture from the lake and thick vegetation hangs in the air. By noon, the air has cleared, and the purple flowers that grow wild along the shore reflect on the water, making a "purple glow." Trees and grassy areas make a pleasant home for the birds and insects that populate the isle. After the sun sets and the moon and stars come out, they cast glimmering reflections upon the glassy surface of the lake.

Birds, bees, and crickets perform a quiet symphony, keeping time with the lapping of waves against the shoreline. Buzzing and chirps fill the air, and at twilight, it becomes quiet enough to hear the flutter of the birds' wings as they flit across the island.

Without the sounds of the city—people, traffic, and commerce—the island is a relaxing getaway. If one were to live there, the hustle and bustle of daily life would be abandoned for rest, relaxation, and gentle pleasures such as gardening and tending bees. One might feel isolated, but someone tired of city life would welcome the island's calm serenity as it settled into his very core.

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