Describe the intro, major crisis, rising action, and climax of "The Storyteller" by Saki.  

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This is actually a story within a story, so you have two of everything above. 

Introduction: An aunt and her three charges are on the train and the children are being disruptive.  She cannot control them. 

Problem:  It is annoying another passenger, a young bachelor.

Rising Action: The bachelor decides to tell them a story.  He expertly fields their questions about why there were no sheep, why there were no flowers in the garden, what color were the pigs, what color was the fox.

Climax: The bachelor finishes and tells the woman that at least he kept them quiet for ten minutes.  It solved his problem of annoying children.

Resolution: He leaves the train and thinks that the poor woman is now going to be pestered for improper stories.

SECOND STORY:  The bachelors story

Introduction: A good little girl is introduced.  She won three medals for being so good and was allowed to roam the Prince's garden. The garden is filled with pigs.

Problem: The wolf comes to eat one of the pigs.  But he sees the little girls and chases after her

Rising Action:  The wolf searches for her but cannot smell her because of the myrtle trees

Climax:  The wolf hears her medals clinking, finds her, and eats her

Resolution: All that is left of her are her shoes, her clothes, and her medals.

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