The Lake Isle of Innisfree Questions and Answers
by William Butler Yeats

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Describe the image of the isle that has been created in your mind.

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Yeats creates such peaceful imagery in this poem. It is calm, still, and serene. A little cabin sits isolated, surrounded by nature. I especially love the imagery of the early morning, when "peace comes dropping slow" out of the early-morning fog that sits over the lake. I live near a lake, and I know well the thick, soupy early-morning fog that hangs so heavily over the water that it is difficult to see through it. If there were no cars or other distractions, this fog would serve as a blanket over nature each morning, waking the lakefront scene from a night of slumber without the harsh glare of early light. The "cricket sings" in the background of this remote and rural scene as water laps the shoreline.

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