Describe the government of Oceania in 1984.

The government of Oceania in 1984 can be described as totalitarian. This means that it controls all aspects of the nation's life. It has absolute power, which it uses to keep everyone firmly in line. In this totalitarian state, everyone must look the same, act the same, and even think the same. Anyone who dares to steps out of line will be subjected to severe punishment and in some cases put to death.

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In the totalitarian state of Oceania, the government is all-powerful. It can do what it wants whenever it wants. There are no checks on the government's power, no independent media or judiciary. Every organ of state is controlled by the Party and exists purely and solely to serve the Party's political ends. Those ends may change over time, but whatever they are, they must be served at all times—not just by the institutions of state but by the citizens of Oceania, too.

Talking of which, the population of Oceania has no rights or freedoms whatsoever. They are under the complete control of the government, which tells them what do, what not to do, and even what kind of thoughts they should think.

It's not enough that the government controls people's bodies; it must also control their minds. Citizens are regularly subjected to forms of brainwashing, such as the Two-Minute Hate, where people are expected to express open hatred for enemies of the state depicted on film. In this way, the...

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