Describe the friendship between Deven and Murad in In Custody.

The friendship between Deven and Murad in In Custody is not particularly deep. This is because Murad is an arch-manipulator who doesn't seem to have much respect for Deven. As well as calling Deven names, Murad manipulates him into continuing to interview Nur, not because he esteems Urdu poetry, but because he wants to make more money out of his publishing venture.

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While conceding that friendship comes in all shapes and sizes, it doesn't appear that what exists between Deven and Murad comes close to friendship as most of us would understand it.

For one thing, there's not much in the way of respect, at least on Murad's part. He calls Deven a "village pumpkin," a clear indication of the snobbish attitudes held by this "spoilt rich boy with money in his pocket." It's not unreasonable to argue that such sentiments have no place in any friendship worthy of the name.

Then there's the cynical way that Murad manipulates Deven to get what he wants. We can see this when Murad convinces Deven to skip class and buy him lunch.

Such blatant manipulation is on display later on in the story, when Deven's enthusiasm for the project of interviewing the Urdu poet Nur begins to flag and Murad gets him to keep going. Murad's intervention, it should be noted, is not due to a deep love of Urdu poetry, but because he's sure that the interview will breathe new life into his failing magazine. In short, Murad is shamelessly and deliberately using the man who's supposed to be his friend in order to make money.

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