Describe the four basic steps for a nonviolent campaign as outlined by King in "Letter from Birmingham City Jail."

The four basic steps for a nonviolent campaign as outlined by King in "Letter from Birmingham City Jail" are the collection of facts, in which it is determined whether injustices exist, negotiation, in which there is a "dialogue" between the two sides, self-purification, in which people attend workshops and are prepared to face the consequences of protesting, and direct action, in which the community marches in public to highlight injustice.

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When Dr. Martin Luther King wrote this letter, he was imprisoned in Birmingham and wanted to address several white religious leaders who criticized his actions in their city as "unwise and untimely." Dr. King eloquently addresses these criticisms, noting that he rarely does so as he faces so many critics, and outlines four things to consider when organizing a nonviolent campaign in order to dissolve any public sentiments that he has acted unjustly in Birmingham.

The first step is to collect facts to determine whether injustices are alive. Dr. King notes that he has done this; Birmingham, he has analyzed, is perhaps the most segregated city during this time period. The police brutality that sweeps Birmingham is known throughout the country. The homes and churches of African Americans have been repeatedly bombed with most cases left unsolved. Injustice is indeed alive in Birmingham.

The second step is negotiation . In response to the aforementioned injustices, leaders of the African American...

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