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Describe the factors that are important in motivating employees to do their best in the work environment.  

Traditional factors for motivating employees to do their best work rely on external factors like better pay and bonuses. Lately, some companies have worked to foster intrinsic motivators. This involves aligning the company with a mission and set of values that inspire the employee. It also involves giving employees a degree of autonomy so that they feel that they own their work and are appreciated by management.

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Traditionally, the thought behind motivating employees has been based on salary incentives, bonuses, and possibilities for promotion. The thinking behind this that if employees know they will be paid better or given other incentives for doing their best work, they will work harder and produce better results. This still remains the standard model in many workplaces.

The traditional model of salary being the motivator relies on external motivation to do good work. The motivation is separate from the work itself. For some employees, this is enough. For others, they find themselves unfulfilled by the work and do just enough to receive their paycheck.

However, there has been a growing school...

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