Every Day

by David Levithan

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Describe A's experience as Finn in Every Day.

Expert Answers

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A has a bad day as Finn because Finn is very obese and doesn't have a good life.

On Day 6025, A wakes up as Finn Taylor and is immediately struck by how large he is. He says he must weigh at least 300 pounds, and none of the bodies before were as large as Finn's. A is embarrassed by his size and how difficult it is for him to do things. He warns Rhiannon about his size when he realizes he can't cancel on her for the second day in a row.

It takes A more concentration to get things done as Finn. He notices strangers looking at him with disgust; he isn't used to this since his bodies aren't usually so fat. He likes Finn's two close friends but is overall disappointed and disgusted by the way Finn lives.

The day is a disappointment. Rhiannon can't see A in Finn, and they don't kiss at the end of their meeting. It's awkward and difficult. It makes A doubt whether things can work out for them in the future.

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