Describe the events of the night that Jem lost his pants in chapter 6 of To Kill a Mockingbird.

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In chapter six, the children raid the Radley yard at night and narrowly survive when Nathan Radley steps onto his back porch wielding a shotgun. On the night of their raid, Jem, Dill, and Scout sneak into the backyard of the Radley residence and lift Dill up to a window sill on the side of the home in hopes of getting a look at Boo Radley.

Unfortunately, Dill cannot see anything through the window, and the three children travel to the back yard, where Jem creeps onto the porch and crawls to the window. After witnessing an ominous shadow in the window, Nathan Radley opens the back door, and the children sprint out of the yard.

Nathan fires his shotgun into the air as the children scatter, and Jem is forced to leave his pants behind when he crawls underneath the fence in the back yard. After the children briefly meet up, they decide to travel down the road and join the group of neighbors standing outside of the Radley home. The children lie and say that they were playing strip poker when Atticus questions Jem about his missing pants.

Later that night, Jem travels back to the Radley Place alone to retrieve his pants and is astonished to find them mended and folded neatly over the fence. Jem suspects that Boo is responsible for mending his pants but struggles to wrap his mind around it.

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