The Ransom of Red Chief

by O. Henry

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Describe the dream the narrator of "The Ransom of the Red Chief" has.

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Shortly after kidnapping the disgruntled, energetic Johnny Dorset, Sam and Bill discover that the boy enjoys being away from home and is going to be a handful. When Sam returns from the village, Bill explains to him that Johnny is playing Indian and has given him the name Old Hank. Johnny has assumed the title Red Chief and begins calling Sam Snake-Eye. During dinner, Johnny cannot sit still, does not shut his mouth the entire time, and creeps throughout the cave pretending to look for enemies. Johnny also proceeds to let out war cries, which has Bill terrified from the start. After keeping the kidnappers up for three hours, Sam is finally able to get some sleep. Sam mentions that he dreamt that he had been kidnapped and chained to a tree by a ferocious pirate with red hair. Sam's dream foreshadows his situation with Johnny Dorset, who proceeds to terrorize the kidnappers, forcing them to return him immediately to his father.

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