Describe the Dark Romanticism presented in “Annabel Lee.”

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A Romantic piece of literature, at its core, values an emotional response over reason. Dark Romanticism also focuses on the tendencies of humans to drift toward sin and self-destruction instead of goodness.

In "Annabel Lee," there is a definite emotional response—one of deep love and longing. The speaker feels that he and his beloved Annabel Lee "loved with a love that was more than love," so much so that the angels in Heaven became envious of them. Thus, Annabel Lee was killed, but the speaker has never stopped loving her.

This is where tendencies of self-destruction factor into the poem. Note that he feels there are "demons down under the sea," and he chooses to lie by this same sea each night, effectively lying near the demons which plague him. Instead of making peace with the loss of his love, the speaker goes to her sepulchre, faithfully staying with her every night. The images in the final stanza connote the beauty of the natural world, full of hope and promise: the moon still...

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