The Middle Colonies

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Describe the climate of the Middle Colonies.

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The Middle Colonies were the states of New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. The climate of the Middle Colonies shared similar characteristics to both the Southern and New England Colonies. However, the climate was much more mild and temperate compared to the other regions.

One defining aspect of this climate was the coastline. On the coast, summers were very warm, similar to what we see today in this region. The further inland you moved, the summers became more mild and the winters more severe. Along the northern boundaries of this region came very harsh winters, particularly upstate New York.

This climate, however, was sufficient enough to make the middle colonies the "breadbasket" of America. It was suitable for grains, such as wheat. In New England, the rocky soil and extreme winters made farming difficult. In the Southern Colonies, devastating droughts and heat also took a toll.

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