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Describe the climate of Saudi Arabia.  

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The vast majority of Saudi Arabia has a desert climate, with the exception of a 100-mile strip of a steppe climate in the west and a small area of humid conditions just north of Yemen.

Daytime temperatures in the summer are over 100 degrees Fahrenheit almost everywhere in the country. In the desert, the daytime temperature during these months is often over 130 degrees Fahrenheit with low humidity except along the coasts. As one would expect in a desert climate, there is little precipitation, with average totals of 2–3 inches a year in most towns. There are even places that see rainfall once every ten years or so.

Average temperatures in the winter months are a little kinder, with average daily temperatures between 58 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit. There is even a possibility of frost and snow during these months at high elevations.

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