Describe the character of the Postmaster in Tagore's "The Postmaster."

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In the short story "The Postmaster" by Rabindranath Tagore, a young man from the city of Calcutta, India, relocates to a village called Ulapur to assume the position of postmaster. He lives in a thatched shed, and his only companionship is with his servant girl, an orphan named Ratan. After a serious illness, during which Ratan helps nurse him back to health, he decides to resign his job and return to Calcutta. There are several things that are clear about the postmaster's character in this story.

First of all, Tagore explains that the postmaster feels like "a fish out of water in this remote village." He does not find it easy to associate with the men from the nearby indigo factory. As a result, he doesn't have any friends and doesn't have much to do. To alleviate his boredom he attempts to write poetry—at which he is unsuccessful.

The postmaster has a kind heart. He cooks his own meals and shares them with Ratan. In his loneliness and boredom he converses with her and asks her...

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