Describe the Buchanans' house in Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby.  

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Daisy and Tom Buchanan's house in Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby is situated on the Sound in East Egg, an exclusive community that is within commuting distance to New York City where Nick works. At the end of their property overlooking the Sound is a dock with a green light. Gatsby spends time in the evenings staring across from his home to see the light and imagine what Daisy is doing at her home.

The Buchanan house is described as "elaborate," "rosy colored," "bright" and "cheerful." The reader gets the picture of a large but tastefully furnished and decorated, spacious mansion by the water with beautiful views and manicured lawns.

Unlike Gatsby, whose house is probably overdone and a bit pretentious, Tom does not need to prove how wealthy he is with gaudy accessories on the exterior and interior of his home. Nevertheless, because Tom has money, the house is spacious and expensive. Fitzgerald describes the Buchanan house as:

a cheerful red and white Georgian Colonial mansion overlooking the bay....

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