Describe the arrangement of Kyoko Mori's essay "School." Would you say that this structure is governed more by logos or pathos?

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This question asks us to consider the structure of Kyoko Mori’s essay with regards to logos and pathos.

This essay is structured as a descriptive personal essay. The essay includes anecdotes from the author’s life, descriptions of commonly held beliefs by both Japanese and American people, and discussion of Zen philosophy. These are presented in a nonlinear fashion: the structure of the essay does not follow a direct narrative from the author’s pre-school education to her time as a teacher. The essay is, instead, structured according to the ideas that the author wishes to expose and the thematic and narrative connections between the topics.

This personal essay uses both an appeal to logic (logos) as well as an appeal to emotions (pathos) in its content matter: specific facts about college entry practices in the USA and Japan are given, for example, but the author’s personal sadness at the way college education is delivered in Japan is also described. However, in terms of the

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