Describe Thacia's relationship with Leag and with Daniel.

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Hello! When Daniel visits Joel at his house (in order to recruit him for the Zealot cause), he is first greeted at the door by Malthace, whom everyone calls Thacia. Thacia is Joel's sister. At first, she is startled by the sight of the stranger, but she soon recognizes Daniel and unmistakeably shrinks from him. Daniel observes that she makes him no greeting, but seems to be dismayed that he has come to their home. So, Thacia's initial reaction to this Daniel who comes calling, is a negative one. After all, her family are Pharisee: Hezron (Thacia and Joel's father) bears out the friction between Pharisee and Zealot in his conversation with Daniel.

After hearing how cruelly Daniel's father was crucified by the Roman soldiers for his part in trying to free his brother from the guardhouse, Joel makes a vow to help Daniel seek revenge. Although Thacia is a girl, she is adamant that a Jewish girl has as much right to make the same vow as her brother; she also promises to help Daniel in his cause. It is Thacia who later helps Daniel outwit the Roman soldiers while disguised as her brother, Joel. She also visits Leah, Daniel's sister. The story discloses that Leah lost her mind years ago after witnessing her crucified father hanging on a cross. Thacia's visits to Leah comforts her and opens up 'a whole new world' for Leah. Every time Thacia visits, she brings a gift for Leah; Daniel is filled with hope that Thacia's visits have made a difference in his sister's life. Daniel secretly falls in love with Thacia, but is greatly troubled when he admits his love for her at an emotional moment. He tells her that he never meant for her to know. Thacia does not press him; it is Thacia who brings Jesus to heal Leah when Leah is near death. Because of her love and caring for both Leah and Daniel, Leah lives, and Daniel becomes a more open person. He finally relents in letting Marcus, the Roman legionary who loves his sister, say goodbye to Leah one last time before he leaves.

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